Nexus Expression

Nexus Expression

It is all about expression.

Nexus Expression makes gene expression analysis easier than ever with user-friendly and platform independent software tools.

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Features And Benefits

Simplified gene expression analysis

Evaluate gene expression patterns and easily compare expression levels of genes between sample subgroups from microarray and RNASeq data within a user-friendly interface.

Suite of statistical analysis tools at your fingertips

Cluster samples and genes to discover expression patterns, simultaneously compare expression profiles of multiple cohorts, generate Kaplan Meier plots and Cox Regression for survival analysis, perform enrichment analysis (including GSEA), and more.

Annotation link outs and integration with Nexus Copy Number

View functional annotations in real-time and link out to external databases for detailed information at all stages of analysis. Easily export gene expression results for integrated analysis with copy number events in Nexus Copy Number software.

Why Nexus Expression?

1. Platform Independent Solution

Support for all commercial and custom platforms – RNA-Seq or microarray. Use one solution for all your array data including Affymetrix©, Agilent©, Exiqon©, Illumina©, RocheNimbleGen©, custom arrays and more.

Platform Independent Solution

2. Efficient Processing

Quickly and efficiently process hundreds of high-density arrays in a single project and generate results in minutes, even on a basic desktop computer. 

Efficient Processing

3. User-Friendly Interface

Powerful, yet simple user interface provides answers to your research questions. Designed for end-user researchers, not informaticians. No programming knowledge necessary!

User-Friendly Interface

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