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The most comprehensive solution for cytogenetics and molecular genetics in one system for analysis and interpretation of all genomic variants from microarray and NGS data.

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Nexus Copy Number

User-friendly and Powerful Statistical Tools

Arming researchers with advanced genomic data analysis and visualization tools. Easy-to-use software provides cutting-edge statistical tools to advance scientific discovery.


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TCGA Premier

Curated CNVs, Sequence Variants, Simplified Access.

The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) is an amazing resource, growing to contain genomic profiles of approaching 12,000 tumors across more than thirty cancer types. By re-analyzing the data and manually curating the results of each sample by trained scientists, the TCGA Premier database has the highest fidelity copy number information from this rich resource.

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Nexus Expression

It is all about expression.

Nexus Expression makes gene expression analysis easier than ever with user-friendly and platform independent software tools.

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Leading Microarray Image Analysis Software.

ImaGene® offers optimal performance with the broadest and most refined features available in the market today. Through powerful automation, ImaGene delivers the highest quality data to quantify, normalize and analyze your experiments.


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Nexus DB

Searchable Reference Data Built for Nexus Integration

Nexus DB is an invaluable resource and included with all Nexus Copy Number subscriptions.

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